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Back in 2017, I grabbed my mom's iPad Pro. She had this app on it called Procreate. At first sketch, I was hooked. I loved sketching in the Procreate felt so natural to hold the tablet right in my hands and be able to start drawing in a matter of seconds.


Seeing my obsession rapidly forming, my mom insisted I take her iPad. So she gifted me her very own iPad Pro and Apple Pencil right there on the spot. (Thanks mom!)


Then when I discovered I could create my own brushes, well I was done for. I learned to draw and paint traditionally first, so I will always have a great appreciation for the raw materials. That's why when I create my custom Procreate brushes, I'll bring out the real thing- spending days scratching around with sticks of charcoal, painting endless watercolor blobs, and slapping around oil paint so I can capture that realness found in many of my shape sources. Next, I'll photograph all sorts of different textures in natural lighting to create that perfect grain!


I LOVE creating Procreate brushes and experimenting with the settings until I find exactly the natural feel I'm looking for! I want every artist to enjoy creating using these custom brushes. High quality and no fluff are the standards I keep when creating my sets. I hope you enjoy drawing and painting with these custom sets and textures as much as I do!

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