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Which Ohuhu Markers Should I Get?

Exploring Ohuhu Brush Markers: A Guide to Choosing Your First Set

Ohuhu has gained a reputation as a reliable brand in the world of art supplies, and their brush markers are no exception. A few months ago, Ohuhu reached out to see if I’d like to try out a set of their markers.

And after trying these bad boys, these markers are top notch. (I'm not being paid to say this!) This is my own opinion, formed after trying out these incredible markers for myself.

Ohuhu’s alcohol-based markers are a versatile and vibrant medium for artists of ALL levels. Even my three year old daughter loves drawing with them.👧💗

So if you're considering buying your first set of Ohuhu brush markers, keep these ideas in mind.

Color Range and Variety:

When picking your first set of Ohuhu brush markers, take a close look at the color range. A nice range of colors will provide you with the flexibility in your drawings. Look for sets that include a balanced mix of essential colors. Personally, I love the pastel sets because the colors are buildable and it suits my taste.

Brush Tip:

The brush tip is where the magic happens. A high-quality brush tip ensures smooth and controlled strokes, making it easier for you to create fine lines and broad strokes alike. For me, I love the brush tips. These tips make coloring with markers so much easier! But! There are lots of options, like chisel, and fine tips too So grab a set with tips that will suit your individual needs as an artist.


One of the key advantages of alcohol-based markers is their ability to blend and layer colors seamlessly. Experiment with blending colors to create stunning gradients and add depth to your artwork. All of these colors in my experience blend beautifully with the brush tips. I don’t think you can go wrong.

Alcohol-Based Formula:

Alcohol-based markers offer vibrant and bold colors that dry quickly, reducing the chances of smudging. They also allow for smoother blending and layering compared to water-based markers. Ensure that the Ohuhu brush markers you're considering are alcohol-based for best results.

Skill Level and Intended Use:

Your skill level and intended use should also influence your choice. If you're a beginner, you might want to start with a smaller set to get comfortable with the medium before investing in a larger collection. If you're an experienced artist, a larger set with a wide range of colors could be better for you!

Budget-Friendly: 💵

Ohuhu is known for offering high-quality products at an affordable price. Compare the prices of different sets and consider what fits within your budget. I always say, buy the best materials you can comfortably afford. Ohuhu markers provide excellent value for their cost and are an absolute bargain compared to similar brands.

Are Ohuhu markers good though, you may be wondering-

Honestly, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, Ohuhu brush markers are a fantastic choice! And I’m picky about my art supplies.

You may be wondering, which Ohuhu set you should purchase?

I haven’t tried all the Ohuhu Marker sets, but I’ve tried a few and can share my take on which I would recommend! All of these are EXCELLENT.

For the Portrait or Character Artist: Ohuhu Sweetness + Blossoming 96 Pastel Set + Ohuhu Skintone

*The important thing to do I think is to get the brush tip on one of the sides. The other side is up to you. I don't have a preference personally!

You'll also notice in the options I give, some are lighter/more pastel colors and others are more saturated colors. I prefer the pastel personally! But go with whichever you art tends to sway already. Are you a little lighter with your colors? Go pastel. Do you prefer the bolder colors typically? Go with the deeper tones. :)

I don't think you'll regret purchasing a set of these beautiful markers. You may also want to pick up this HP Paper too. It works with the markers like a dream. I was shocked by how good it was when I first tried this paper with the Ohuhu markers.

You might also like to grab a white gel pen. Perfect for little highlights.

At the end of the day, have fun & go with your gut. I hope you have so much fun with your markers! :D

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*This post contains affiliate links to my amazon storefront, meaning if you purchase through my link, I make a small commission which helps fund my art business (and my art supply addiction.) Thank you for your support! <3



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