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My #1 TIP for BEGINNER Artists

Updated: May 8, 2023

A question I get asked sometimes is were you always able to draw? And the answer to that is absolutely not.

I don't think I went into life with any amount of extra talent. But I was blessed with one thing in particular that I think has been the driving force for me- and that's simply my extreme passion for art.

Colors, shapes, light. When I see these things, I'm just amazed by their beauty. I could spend all day making art and admiring art. That's how I know it's my passion.

If you're like me and you have this same drive, then you probably want to always continue to improve your drawing and painting skills like I do.

So how do we improve our art?

We LEARN and PRACTICE, and then we repeat these things for the rest of our lives.

How I learn is I love to read art books and I also like to take art classes in person and online.

I've embraced the idea of being a lifetime student. When I'm out of learning mode for too long, I find my work begins to plateau or even get worse! When that happens, I know it's time to dedicate myself to learning for a while. So I'll watch a Skillshare class, or I head out to the community college, or join a painting group.

Then after I've learned a bit of new information (or have been reminded of something I already knew, but with a fresh perspective) then it's time to put it into practice.

So I make a painting study from life, a photo, or from my memory to really test the ideas, focusing on whatever it is I learned.

I'm also a big advocate of challenges. Challenging yourself to 30 days of painting everyday, or 100 days, etc.

So my #1 tip for beginner artists- Embrace a lifestyle of being a forever learner, who diligently works hard and puts forth the effort through practice.

Want more drawing and painting tips? Check out my video here!

Want to take care of that learning portion- join me on Skillshare! We have actionable projects there too, so you can take care of that practice part and watch your skills soar. 🚀



Hey! I'm Gabrielle

I'm an American artist from the East Coast who specializes in portrait and character drawing and painting. 

My passion is teaching artists like YOU how to draw and paint portraits and characters that you can be proud of. I'm so excited to help you improve your art skills, gain confidence as an artist, and create the art you've always dreamed of!

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