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My Favorite Pencil- The best pencil for drawing!

If I had to pick a favorite art tool, it would be my Staedtler 0.5mm mechanical pencil. I love this pencil- it's a must have for me! I also enjoy Pentel brand lead. It’s nice and smooth. So I put Pentel 4B lead in this 0.5mm mechanical pencil. :D This is the best drawing pencil!

I'm obsessed with art supplies, but this one, I'd have to say, tops my list of favorites.

Hi! I'm Gabrielle


I am married to my sweet love, Ian and we have two sweet kids- Sasha and Elijah. <3


I play piano. I stink at sight reading music,

but can get by playing by ear.


I am a middle child. (I have two sisters.)


My mom inspired me to start drawing.

(She's an artist too!)


I am a Christian and I love the Lord! Jesus is my savior and I am blessed by His love.

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