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Channel Challenge

Ready to learn something new and push your art skills to the next level? Let’s make the month of April a month of CREATIVITY!

In the hopes of fostering creativity, I’m hosting a channel wide raffle on Skillshare! The winner will be chosen at random and will win a $100 Amazon gift card! (Imagine all the art supplies you could buy.. lol)

So how do you enter?

All you have to do is watch any of my classes and then create one (or two, or all) of the class projects!

Here's a look at the projects:

  • Draw a pencil portrait

  • Paint a digital portrait

  • Experiment with color

  • Create inspiration boards

  • Draw a pair of eyes

  • Draw a female character

  • Color a sketch in Photoshop

(More details on each project can be found in the individual classes.)

Basically, if you make and upload 1 of the projects above, that's 1 chance to win. If you make all 7 projects above, that's 7 chances to win! :D You'll be automatically entered when you upload a project.

If you already have a project going in one of my classes, you can still enter! You just have to add on another piece to your current project sometime this month. :) (& I'll know if it's new or not. ;))

Now, the chance to win $100 is cool, but making these projects will also level up your skills and will prepare you for the classes I have in store this year. Some of them being more intermediate/advanced. :) I say it all the time, but the key to improving in art, I believe, is learning and practicing, learning and practicing... repeat! The classes will give you the information, but then it's up to you to put that information into action with practice. And the class projects are the perfect way to do just that.

So...what are you inspired to learn this month?? What do you want to create this month?

I can't wait to see your awesome projects! :D Please feel free to reach out as you work through any of the classes. I'm so excited to see your works! Happy arting everyone!

Read all the details and join in on Skillshare here!

#raffle #prize #amazon #skillshare

Hi! I'm Gabrielle


I love cats and I have a Ragdoll

kitty named Olive! 

I play piano. I stink at sight reading music, but I can play by ear.

I am a middle child. (I have two sisters.)

I am married to my sweet love. ;)

My mom inspired me to start drawing.

(She's an artist too!)

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