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Society6 Shop

I've opened up a shop on Society6! It's something I've wanted to do for a while, and now I have. :)

I purchased a carry-all pouch and an art print of my piece above and I was blown away by the quality of the printing! It's top notch!

I'm really inspired to make more pouches. I think they are really cute and useful too! I want to make a lipstick themed print and a pineapple print as well. I'll upload them to the shop when I do. I'm really excited to add more original art. It's a lot of fun! :D You can browse the shop here! :)

#society6 #prints #art #makeupbags #iphonecases #pillows #artwork

Hi! I'm Gabrielle


I love cats and I have a Ragdoll

kitty named Olive! 

I play piano. I stink at sight reading music, but I can play by ear.

I am a middle child. (I have two sisters.)

I am married to my sweet love. ;)

My mom inspired me to start drawing.

(She's an artist too!)

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