I've opened up a shop on Society6! It's something I've wanted to do for a while, and now I have. :) I purchased a carry-all pouch and an art print of my piece


I'm looking forward to sharing my eye drawing class and demonstration soon! We'll be reviewing art materials, eye anatomy, expressions, proportions, measuring techniques & pencil techniques. I'll also be sharing tips on shading, blending, and drawing with values. Can't wait to see the awesome student creations! :D

EDIT-- Class is now live, here! :D


I'm very excited to release my new color class on Skillshare!!

Color Workshop: The Basics for Artists and Illustrators

Color is such a powerful element of design! In this class, I'll be breaking down color into it's most basic properties, so it's easier to tackle right from the start.

Then I'll show color tricks, all about color schemes, and how to create your own inspiring color palettes. I'll also be explaining how colors relate to emotions and moods, and how these ideas can be used in story telling. Then to finish up, I'll share practical tips, as well as tried and true principles that will help you effectively use color to...

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I love cats and I have two,

Olive and Jelly Bean!


I play piano. I stink at sight reading music, but I can play by ear.


I am a middle child. (I have two sisters.)


I am married to my sweet love. ;)


My mom inspired me to start drawing.

(She's an artist too!)


I am a Christian and I love the Lord! Jesus is my savior and I am blessed by His love.

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 PRACTICE!  It is the best way to improve.  Keep a sketchbook and draw in it as much as you can. Draw from life, photo references, and your imagination.

Buy the best materials you can comfortably afford. Of course, practice is key, but having the good stuff can't hurt. 
Check out my recommended materials lists!

Put a piece of paper under your drawing hand while you work. This really helps prevent smudging.

If possible, have your reference be the same size as your drawing or painting. This will help a lot when you need to take measurements to get proportions correct.

 Don't be afraid to try different mediums. You may like it!

Write out a sort of "Inspiration List" that contains words, themes, and ideas that inspire you.  This will come in handy if you ever have an art block.


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